Tuesday, March 21, 2017


set·back – noun - a reversal or check in progress

Have you ever looked at the definition of the word setback? I mean really looked at it, not just glance over it like you did just now to try and skim to the juicy stuff of this post. I’m talking dissecting the definition until it’s perfectly relatable to a persistent successful human being like yourself. Let me help you.

A reversal or check in progress.

Nope. Still says the exact same thing it did a minute ago, the last time we skimmed over it, but let’s move our emphasize to a specific two-letter word that turns a possible failure into a future success.

A reversal or check in progress.

There it is. That two-letter word makes all the difference, giving us an option when it comes to setbacks. We can either reverse, potentially giving up and succumbing to failure OR  we can check ourselves before we wreck ourselves…say that with attitude while snapping your fingers in a z-formation across your body. There ya go, nice and sassy like that. See? Now we can sass our way out of a setback! 

But how? It just can’t be as simple as the sassy snap! It just can’t! The problem with a setback is that it is often accompanied with rejection and well rejection, put simply, just doesn’t feel good. I think we can all agree with that. Human beings have some sort of desire to please everyone and the fact is you just can’t. It truly isn’t possible and that is completely okay. Say it with me, “IT’S OKAY NOT TO PLEASE EVERYONE!” Let’s be serious, Jesus – the all-knowing sinless and perfectly miraculous – Jesus, couldn’t please everyone, so don’t beat yourself up over it!

Rejection is the outcome of trying to please people. When we accept the fact that not everyone can be pleased then we can accept rejection, making it easier to 'sassy snap' our way out of it and move onto the next adventure, which you may have to sassy snap through again – fair warning.

In conclusion, don’t give up. If a setback lands in your lap, welcome it graciously and then, as Zach Galfriekcisnaksdjksiaklnackis would say:

You’ve got this!