Saturday, April 15, 2017

Sponge Cake

BuzzFeed quizzes are superb at helping you find yourself. I really don’t know where I’d be if I’d never taken the Order A Meal At Chick-fil-A And We’ll Reveal Your Best Quality quiz (I’m understanding), or the "Build A Bowl Of Mac 'N' Cheese And We'll Tell You How Many Kids You'll Have quiz (eleven...nope, no thanks).

Although these quizzes are totally cheesy and far-fetched, I learned something magnificent when I took the Tell Us Your Taste In Men And We’ll Tell You What Kind Of Cake You Are quiz. As I’m nonchalantly choosing which celebrity man appeals to me more I’m excitedly anticipating my results of, “YOU’RE CHOCOLATE CAKE! Everyone looks forward to seeing you at big events and you’re great at pressuring others into what you like!” or “YOU’RE CONFETTI CAKE! You love to have a good time and you light up the room wherever you go”, but that didn’t happen for me. I made one choice. One wrong choice led me to something I never saw coming…

Sponge cake. I’m a sponge cake. No explanation. I’m just a sponge cake. I’m pretty sure my grandma doesn’t even enjoy sponge cake. Like, what am I supposed to believe about myself now?

Image result for golden girls ew gif

So, as humans tend to do, I made excuses. It’s just the quiz. Everyone’s a sponge cake. Then my friend took the quiz. She changed one answer, just one. SHE WAS CONFETTI CAKE!? Unbelievable. 

Thanks, Oscar Isaac, for making me sponge cake.

Which led me to my magnificent learning moment…one choice can change everything. One simple little choice, perhaps one that you think holds very little significance can drastically change an outcome. 

We make choices every day in life, some big and some small, some bad and some good. Sometimes we think about our choices, other times we don’t, but what if we took the time to reflect on our choices before we made them? Crazy idea I know and I’m sure I’m the very first one to think of this, but really, how is what I’m doing now going to help/hurt me later? Is this choice leading me to accomplish my goals or holding me back? Is this a sponge cake choice or a confetti cake choice?

So I leave you with this, what will you be…sponge cake or confetti cake?

With love,

Saturday, April 1, 2017


I’m in the midst of setting life goals. Goals that will hopefully lead me to be successful in the short amount of time I have. Ya know, things like: learn how to fold a fitted sheet, keep my eyes from rolling when my husband tells me I’ve gone over budget, binge watch every Netflix original series…really important stuff here. However, to set successful life-changing goals, I decided to google what success is, actually, I googled ‘successful animals’ because human success is slightly overrated. This is what I found.

A horseshoe crab. This is my successor. This is what I need to strive for. YES! No. On the other hand, I think the horseshoe crab may encompass some valuable facts that could really help me formulate my goals for success. After all they have been here for like…ever.

1. They’ve roamed the earth for approximately 445 million years.

Four hundred forty five million years. 445 MILLION YEARS!? This whole time the cockroach has been stealing their thunder when in reality horseshoe crabs are obviously the real winners here. So these creatures are virtually indestructible. They laugh in the face of danger (probably) and just keep on trucking. I can do that too.

2. They’re invertebrates.

They don’t have spines, which is probably why the cockroaches are stealing their thunder…because the crabs won’t stand up for themselves.

Actually, I like to see it as them humbling themselves. They don’t need all this recognition to keep doing what they do. They just…DO. Just do it. Now we know where Nike really got their slogan.

3. They’re blue blooded.

Their blood is super special. So special in fact that it is used in many vaccines and cures for various things. God created them unique, giving them a little something special, a gift for them to share with others. Intriguing.

Using these 3 facts pulled from a potentially unreliable source, I found three goals:
  • I will overcome obstacles, probably not 445 million years worth, but I will overcome.
  • I will humbly “just do it”.
  • I will share my gift.

Whoa. Horseshoe crab just dropped some serious knowledge on us.

Planning for success isn’t an easy feat, but if it were easy it wouldn’t be worth doing.

Until next time!